Direct Mailing Services

We offer convenience & savings of managing your postcard mailing all in-house. To help you take advantage of postage discounts, we separate our Mailing Services fees from actual postage rates. Mailing Services are priced from 4 cents per piece, depending on quantity.

Mailing Advantages:

Our Services include:

Postage SAVINGS:

List Services:

Ink Jetting Addresses:

Let us do the work for you! No more lables or handwritting addresses on your mailers. Our state-of-the-art mailhouse can do this for you for only 4 cents per name!

Mailing Requirements from USPS:

First class or Standard Postage, you must mail at least 200 pieces and have at least a 4 inch (wide) by 2 inch (tall) white area with mailing indicia in top right corner. Indicia must be at least .5 inch by .5 inch.

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